Europe inc. UK

March 2016: Helsinki and Oravi (Finland). A bizarrely quiet trip to the great Lake Saimaa in between the two peak tourist seasons: the winter months is primarily for kick-sledding and ice hole fishing, whereas the summer months are filled with kayaking and rowing. We were in ‘melting’ season, which meant we could do both, if we were careful. Lots of fishing, not a single fish.

September 2015: Reading to Bristol (England). After hearing the devastating news that Eamonn Dolan was suffering from cancer, a friend and I decided to cycle to a Reading away match to raise money for Cancer Research. We raised nearly £1,700 for Dolan, who sadly lost his fight in 2016. Thanks to Reading FC for all their support, shirts and GoPro; and for editing the below video for us.

August 2015: Tough Mudder, Cirencester (England). A gruelling 12 mile obstacle race with your best friends is the perfect weekend activity. We shaved half an hour off our previous year’s efforts, completing it this year in under 3.5 hours. I’d like to have a crack at the Three Peaks in 24 hours next.

July 2013: France, Monaco, The Vatican, Italy. The Edna Lumb travel prize made this continental cycle possible. We collected a wealth of materials for our third year project while seeing as much as possible of these 4 countries and then submitted the below video as part of our degree work.

June 2013: France, Spain, Portugal. A charity cycle is a rite of passage for skint university students who are trying to see the continent on a budget. It’s nice to do some good for the world whilst taking advantage of the free things that are thrown your way; and the speed of cycling means you can take in your surroundings better than when driving. We raised £1300 for Cancer Research UK, a pound for every mile, during an 18 day cycle from Oxford, England; to Chaves, Portugal.