Videos: Our Central American Journey


It sometimes seems like only yesterday our G-Adventures tour finished, and yet simultaneously it could also be light years ago. “Was that last month?” and “Oh yeah, I forgot we did that!” have already been heard multiple times whenever one of our fellow travellers posts a ‘throwback’ photo. I’m pleased that I kept such a vigorous video diary of the activities, travel days and general mucking around to always keep this incredible month refreshed in my memory.

Here they are, in (roughly) chronological order.

‘Chapter 1’ – The footage from the first half of the tour and arguably my favourite video I’ve ever put together. (Due to copyright, this might not play on smartphones/iPads… try a laptop or desktop!)

My two favourite activities from this trip that I didn’t feel got their just amount of airtime in the montage were paragliding and motorbiking. Click the links to read about these days, or just click play below!

It was at this point of the trip, when we said goodbye to half the group and welcome to their ‘replacements’, that I started to get excited about the prospect of ‘Chapter 2’. I selected my soundtrack, and started to film knowing where the footage was going to go in the video. I proudly showed the finished project to Jay and Amrita, and then pressed Save (as usual) whilst packing to leave San Jose. When I came to show Maren the rendered version on the bus to Puerto Viejo, we discovered it had corrupted, but I had already deleted the original clips – thus ruining my chances of resaving it.

Lango spent a determined 2 days trying to recover the files but unfortunately that video is lost to the world. Thanks for trying buddy.

Here’s what we managed to salvage in 38 hours of delving deep into my laptop:

Thanks to G Adventures for the Central American Journey; if these videos have got your feet itching, you can book onto the same tour here. Like Evert from my Peru trip, count yourself lucky if your guide introduces himself as JP, or Pablo. 

If you enjoyed viewing these videos, or you featured in them, please share them around on Facebook/Twitter; read through the other posts from this incredible journey so far; and make sure to subscribe via email at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

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