Videos: Rapid rafting in Costa Rica

As promised, and as I’ve grown used to, the tour operators picked us up exactly when they said they would; and we were bundled into a mini-van with other travellers who were looking for adventure. Today, we were white water rafting through Level 4 rapids in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle.

Jay, James and I formed an inseparable trio and stubbornly refused to split up; and luckily we were grouped with two hilarious Calfornian’s: Yair and Angel, of San Diego. The 5 of us were put with our guide, Eric Andres, who taught us a few commands before we set sail down the river.

It definitely went straight up into my top 3 activities from the month-long tour; placed only behind motorbiking and paragliding in Guatemala, and was made all the better by the people in the raft. The environmental agency of Costa Rica opened up the hydrodam midway through our afternoon, so the river suddenly picked up pace and threw all but one of us into the currents after we failed to act on Eric’s shout of “Get down!”.


For those who would just rather watch the world burn, below is a compilation of two point-of-views from our capsize. Unfortunately I couldn’t add Angel’s footage to show what he saw from the back of the raft.


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